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Winter Recreation Advisory Committee

The Winter Recreation (Sno-Park) Advisory Committee assists and advises the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission in the development of winter recreation facilities and programs

Join the Winter Recreation (Sno-Park) Advisory Committee,  Committee members serve one three-year term with the option of an additional three-year term. New appointments begin October 1 in the year of appointment., the committe is governed by RCW 79A.05.255 RCW.

Download an application. Print out and send signed application to:

Winter Recreation Program
Washington State parks
P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, WA 98504

The committee meets twice a year, once during the winter season and once in the summer to set a budget for the upcoming winter season.

Upcoming meetings: WRAC winter meeting

Saturday February 3rd location Hampton Inn & Suites Spokane Valley (16418 E Indiana Ave Spokane Valley WA 99206)


Last meeting minutes:

2023 Winter Meeting
2023-2024 Summer Budget Meeting DRAFT
2023-2024 Approved Budget

Regional Representatives

Region 1

Jim Rhodes
Email Jim Rhodes

Region 2

Peter Valaas
Email Peter Valaas

Region 3

Michael Burns (vice chair)
Email Michael Burns

Region 4

Emilie Blevins
Email Emilie Blevins

Region 5

John Baranowski (Chair)
Email John Baranowski

Region 6

Glenn Warren
Email Glenn Warren

Snowmobile Representatives

Mike Couch
Email Mike Couch

Robert Seelye
Email Robert Seelye

Tim Penelerick
Email Tim Penelerick

Government Agencies

Department of Natural Resources
Joe Chavez
Email Joe Chavez

Department of Fish and Wildlife
Tony Leonetti
Email Tony Leonetti

Association of Counties
Robert Jones
Phone: 509-770-9848