A group of young Mien dancers dress in traditional clothing. The girl in the front smiles and holds up her hands in praying gesture.


Learn more about our Folk & Traditional Arts Program Festivals.

Washington State Parks connect visitors to their natural, cultural, and artistic heritage through memorable experiences at parks.  

The Folk & Traditional Arts Program co-hosts festivals that highlight living cultural traditions and celebrate the communities that sustain them. Learn about the music, dance, food, and heritage of Washington’s diverse communities at a state park near you. 

Folk & Traditional Arts Program 2024 Festivals

Salish Sea Folk Arts Festival

Immigrant Heritage Month Celebration

Salish Sea Day

Sundaes Outside

Skandia Midsommerfest

United Communities of Laos Summer Festival

Cambodian Cultural Celebration

Washington Lu Mien Festival

Ubuntu Nerudo Cultural Festival

Heritage Days

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration