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Retreat Center Rules

Learn more about the rules and regulations that guide the use of Park's Retreat Center rentals.

Financial commitments

For information about facility rates and minimums, reservation modification or cancellation and more financial information, please visit the Retreat Center Rates page.

Terms and conditions for facility use

The below terms and conditions are specific to the retreat center facilities.  All visitors are also required to comply with all Washington state laws and Washington State Park’s rules for public use of state park areas. For a full list of park rules, please visit the Washington State Legislature Public Use of State Park Areas page.


Use Permit – refers to the contract that secures and confirms a group’s use of the retreat center facility.  Also referred to as the booking contract.

Program staff – refers to staff at State Parks headquarters that are responsible for managing all aspects of your booking contract. Direct all questions prior to your arrival date, to program staff for consideration and response, at   

Park staff – refers to the staff located at the park that will facilitate your stay.  Some requirements may specify that Park Manager must be consulted.

Use Permit

A Use Permit (contract) is required for use of any retreat center.  Request a reservation by emailing a completed Reservation Request Form (PDF, 204KB) to Requests are not accepted by phone.

If your requested dates are available, program staff will mail a draft contract. The contract must be signed and initialed by the designated group representative or the reservation will not be finalized.  The signed contract with deposit must be returned within 3 weeks of receiving the contract, unless otherwise specified.  Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the request.

The contract is non-transferable and is revocable for failure to adhere to all financial commitments, and the terms and conditions for facility use.  Any request to modify the contract must be submitted to Retreat Center program staff for review.  Any modification requires a modified contract as confirmation of the approval.

Arrival and departure times

All facilities have a standard arrival time of 3:00 p.m. and departure time of 11:00 a.m. The group representative is expected to arrive at the scheduled time as staff are present to complete the check-in process.

On the date of arrival, if you anticipate being more than one hour late for your specified time, due to unforeseen circumstances, you must contact the park directly for arrangements. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fee.

Any change request requires advance review of the Retreat Center Program and is not guaranteed.  Any modification of the arrival/departure time requires a modified contract as confirmation of the approval. Additional charges may apply.

Requests for early arrival and/or late departure may be requested no earlier than 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival.  Decisions will be based on facility and staff availability and are not guaranteed.  No early arrival or late departure will be considered for any facility from July 1 – August 31. 

The entire group and all personal items must be ready to go at the specified departure time unless alternate times have been agreed upon by park staff. Failure to do so may result in additional fees.  Washington State Parks is not responsible for any personal items left at the facility.  Please label all personal items to avoid confusion with park property.

The check-out process may begin prior to the official departure time to allow for inspections and processing final payment.  Park staff will verify details during check-in process.

Designated group representative

Each user group is required to have a designated representative who will be responsible for the activities of the group.  The representative must:

  • Attest that they are 21 years of age or older.
  • Read, understand, and agree to comply with all terms and conditions of the Use Permit.
  • Be present at check-in for the orientation with park staff, for the entire length of the use, and during the check-out process.

Additional responsibilities and reporting requirements are noted in other rules below.

Daily attendance

The group representative must record the daily attendance, both overnight and additional day users during their stay.  This includes all attendees regardless of age, and regardless of whether they use the available lodging options.

Park staff will provide instructions at check-in for providing attendance to be used for processing final payment.

Your group may have less than the minimum occupancy; however, minimum fees still apply.  The user group may not exceed the rated occupancy capacities of the facility, except with permission of the Park Manager.

Health and safety

Group shall comply with all applicable health and safety standards. 

Park staff may restrict use of buildings or areas in and around the facility when necessary to protect the health or safety of the group.  Group representative shall ensure compliance with any noted closures.

The group representative shall advise park staff immediately of any injuries or similar health and safety concerns.

Protect the resource

During use, the group must always maintain the facility in a neat, orderly, and sanitary condition.  Cleaning includes, but is not limited to, sweeping and mopping, cleaning appliances and dishes, wiping tables and counters, and disposing of all waste in an appropriate receptacle.

Before departure, the group shall clean the facility according to check-out instructions provided by park staff.  Park staff will meet with the group representative to confirm completion of required cleaning responsibilities. Failure to comply may result in additional charges at check-out.

User group shall not alter or damage the facility.  User group may not remove, alter, or damage any natural feature including, but not limited to, trees, shrubs, rocks, or flowers.  User group is liable for any damage to or loss of State Park property occurring as a result of use that is in excess of normal wear and tear.  The group representative shall advise park staff immediately of any damage to any part of the facility.  Additional charges for damage or loss will be assessed at check-out.

Quiet hours

The group must observe quite hours, which are between 10:00 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.  They shall avoid causing any sound that may be heard beyond the immediate area of use. 

Except with permission from the Park Manager, no use of sound-emitting equipment will be allowed at any time, at a volume which emits sound beyond the immediate area of use.  Additional conditions may be applied based on local government ordinance, as required.


Pets are welcome at retreat centers, except at Millersylvania.  Groups shall comply with the following rules.

  • Pets are not permitted in any facilities; service animals are allowed.
  • The owner must always keep their pet under their physical control on a leash no more than eight feet long, or otherwise physically restrained.
  • No person may allow a pet to dig, disturb, or damage park grounds.
  • No person shall allow a pet to bite or annoy other park visitors.
  • Owners must clean up after their pets and properly dispose of waste in an appropriate receptacle.

At facilities that have designated pet friendly cabins, pets are permitted only within the designated facility, with the payment of the per night/per facility pet fee.

Kitchen and Dining Hall use

Each facility includes a full-service kitchen with most of the necessary equipment to prepare and serve meals.  We do not offer food services; however, groups may hire a catering service.  The group representative is responsible for ensuring any hired services comply with the terms and conditions of facility use.

Except with permission from park staff, any electric appliances, other than those provided, are not permitted for use, in the kitchen or elsewhere at the facility.

Tables and chairs are provided.  The group is responsible for all set up, take down, and may not remove any items from the assigned facility, except with permission from park staff.


Groups are permitted to have campfires, provided no burn restrictions are in effect.  Use only designated campfire rings and do not leave fires unattended.  Burn restrictions may also include use of charcoal, propane, or similar. 

Firewood, or other wood debris, may not be collected in the park.  Inquire directly with park staff for local purchase options or with any questions.

Recreational vehicles and tents

Some, but not all, retreat centers allow the use of self-contained recreational vehicles and/or tents. RVs and tents may not be used to exceed facility capacities, except with permission of the Park Manager. No electrical cords may be run from any facility.

Space is limited and park staff will direct where setup is permitted. Inquire with program staff when making your reservation to ensure the specific facility allows this option. 

Guests using RV’s or tents for lodging, must be counted in daily attendance for billing purposes. 


Vehicles must park only in designated areas. Vehicles may be driven only in authorized areas. Park staff may provide further details and may be able to accommodate special circumstances.

Discover Pass

A Discover Pass is not required for overnight guests parking in other locations within the same park. If parking in other areas within the park, please inquire with park staff about obtaining a parking permit. A Discover Pass is required for visiting nearby parks.

A group reserving for the day only, or any guests attending for the day only, must display a valid Discover Pass to park.


In Washington State, smoking is prohibited in any public buildings or within twenty-five feet of any door, window, or ventilation system.

Cannabis use is not permitted in public spaces, including parks.


No fireworks are allowed within any State Park.

Alcohol use requires permit

A separate permit is required for alcohol consumption at retreat centers and may be obtained free of charge. If a permit is requested on your Use Permit, program staff will send the application with your reservation confirmation.

Complete applications must be sent to the park at least 15 days prior to arrival for review. Approval is not guaranteed, and additional conditions may be indicated on your final permit, if granted.

Alcohol may not be sold.  Events that that are approved to have alcohol may not be open to the public. 

Additional rules are included on the alcohol permit.  The alcohol permit is revocable for failure to adhere to rules, regulations, and standards.

Archery activities require a permit

A separate permit is required for archery activities at Camp Moran, Camp Wooten, Cornet Bay, and Puffer Butte retreat centers, and may be obtained free of charge; insurance is required. If the archery permit is requested on your Use Permit, program staff will send the application with your reservation confirmation.

Complete applications and proof of insurance must be mailed to the park at least 15 days prior to arrival for review. Approval is not guaranteed, and additional conditions may be indicated on your final permit, if granted.

Additional rules are included on the archery permit. The archery permit is revocable for failure to follow rules, regulations, and standards.

Other permitting may be required


Sale of goods, food, or merchandise is not allowed under the Use Permit; a separate concession permit is required. See our Concessions Program page for more information.

Special Activities

Some activities of your group may require a special activity permit depending on the activity and impact to the park.  For questions, contact the park to inquire further.  See our Special Activities Permit page for more information.

Filming and still photography

Commercial filming or still photography within a State Park requires a permit. See our Commercial Filming & Photography Permits page for more information.


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