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Palouse to Cascades Trail information: Beverly to Idaho border

The Beverly to Idaho Border section of the Palouse to Cascades Trail (PTCT) winds through the beautiful hills and prairies of eastern Washington. We recently completed several exciting projects along this section of trail, including improvements to the Beverly Bridge and the Tekoa and Renslow Trestles. Now, we're seeing more and more people getting out on foot, cycling and even horseback riding.

We're excited to see so many people exploring the trail and checking out these renovated areas! If you're planning to visit, we encourage you to plan your trip in advance and know about area closures to have a safe and successful adventure.

Plan your visit

ALERT: Area closures

Please be mindful of the closed sections on this stretch of the trail:

  • Rock Lake
  • Malden to Pine City section
  • Crab Creek Trestles/Bridge
    • From Lake Lenice parking lot at the Royal City Junction, seven-mile detour traveling East along Lower Crab Road.
    • Note: The two adjacent Crab Creek trestles are gone and are under construction. Detour signs are posted from both directions. For your safety, do not bypass the detour. The missing trestles create an immediate drop off and construction is underway to replace them.

These sections of trail are unfit for travel and have been closed to public access due to hazardous conditions and areas of wildfire damage. For the safety of everyone on the trail, we have fortified these closures by installing barriers to prevent access. We want to ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable trip. Please respect these closures and stay off the damaged trestles.

We are continuing to explore opportunities to improve these areas for reopening.

Register online

Before heading out on your great trail adventure, you'll need to complete a registration form on our website. You can Register to use the Palouse to Cascades Trail here.

View of the Renslow trestle on the Palouse to Cascades Trail
Renslow Trestle on the Palouse to Cascades Trail

Register online

Before heading out on your great trail adventure, you'll need to complete a registration form on our website. You can Register to use the Palouse to Cascades Trail here.

Why register?

There are gates with locks on this portion of the trail. By completing the registration form, you'll receive information about how to unlock the gates and important details about closures along your path.

What you'll need

You'll be asked to include basic contact information and a few details about your trip – like which part of the trail you'll be using (which town to which town), when you're going, and how many people will be using the trail with you.

Please read the confirmation email. You'll receive an email when you register that contains important details about the trail.

Check the map

If you're traveling east of Beverly to the Idaho border, check out this temporary map.

If you're planning a trip on other sections of the trail, check out these resources:

What to expect

It is important to note and plan around knowing that much of the eastern portion of the PTCT can only be enjoyed as an out-and-back journey due to section closures and private property.

Additionally, depending on where you're traveling along the trail, you may encounter a wide array of trail conditions. Some areas may be smooth and well-groomed while others may be more primitive and choppy experience.

Don't forget!

  • Grab your Discover Pass! Be sure to display it in your car at the trailhead
  • Stay hydrated: Pack extra water and to take breaks to hydrate
  • Respect Private Property: There is private property on both sides of the trail for most of its length. Please stay on Parks-managed land
  • Be safe: Let someone know where you're headed and how long you plan to be gone
  • Plan ahead: Cell service is not available on many parts of the trail
  • Respect trail closures: They're closed for your safety! – and plan your trip accordingly

Upcoming improvements

We're proud to be the stewards of the PTCT. We're continuing to improve the trail to help strengthen the connection it provides between local communities and diverse recreation opportunities.

New trailheads

We're excited to begin work on a new trailhead in Malden! Work began in September 2022, with anticipated completion in the fall of 2023. We're also preparing for an additional trailhead in Ralston.

Improving trail surfaces

We're in the process of assessing trail conditions and developing plans to address resurfacing and additional trailhead access.

Learn more

For more information, please visit our website.

Originally published August 24, 2022

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