Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail Use Registration Form

Washington State Parks now manages the entire trail from Beverly to the Idaho border, registration is required for this section of the trail. Registration may be valid for up to one year.

After submitting your registration, you will receive an email with additional, necessary information. While on the trail, you must have a printed or electronic copy of your registration confirmation.

The western portion of the trail from Rattlesnake Lake to the Columbia River does not require a permit unless the group is more than 20 people.

For additional trail information, view the Palouse to Cascades Trail Info and Code of Conduct (PDF, 109MB).

Trail use registration form

Contact Info
Traveling by

Registration notes

Please respect adjacent landowners, and limit use to the existing trail surface, public roads, and suggested detours.

Please check your spam or junk filters if you do not immediately receive a response email.

This registration pertains to the section of the trail between Beverly, WA and the Idaho border.

Close all gates and lock all locks behind you. The combination for the locks will be emailed to you.

Please respect detours, closures and private property

Water is VERY limited on and along the trail. PLEASE BE PREPARED!

Camping or fires are not permitted on the trail.

You must carry your printed or digital email registration with you while on the trail.

Registrations will be revoked for any violations.


I will read and follow the rules and regulations for use of the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail on this registration and any other documents provided by Washington State Parks.

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