Bottle Beach State Park

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Calling all birders! 

Bottle Beach State Park sits on the tide flats of Southern Grays Harbor, where it plays host to more than a million migratory shorebirds and sea birds in spring. The park's ADA-accessible trail is an official Washington State Birding Trail, designated by the Audubon Society. More than 130 bird species, including raptors, have been known to alight for a quick meal at Bottle Beach.

The boardwalk and trail lead past Redman Slough to a picturesque beachhead viewing shelter. Drop down to the mud flats below, and explore remnants of a dock built in 1890 to serve Ocosta, a boom town that quickly went bust and disappeared by the 1950s.

Bottle Beach does not allow dogs or camping, but yurts and cabins, and pet-friendly RV sites are available at nearby Twin Harbors and Grayland Beach state parks.

Park features

Bottle Beach State Park is a 64-acre, day-use park with 6,000 feet of shoreline on Grays Harbor. The open tide flats are the park's most significant feature. The park sits on the site of Ocosta by the Sea, a ghost town once slated to be the Pacific Coast terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad and a major port city.

Discover Pass: A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.

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ADA amenities/facilities

  • Hiking trail

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  • 0.7 miles of ADA hiking trails
  • 0.7 miles of hiking trails

Other activities & features

  • Bird watching
  • Wildlife viewing

Interpretive opportunities

The Bottle Beach Interpretive Trail consists of a trailhead, parking lot, 0.7 miles of ADA accessible trail, three wildlife viewing platforms or blinds and approximately 9.5 acres of restored habitat.

Additional information

  • The trails are for pedestrian use only. No motorized vehicles, horses or bicycles allowed.
  • Dogs are only allowed at the park during hunting season, from November through February. Service dogs are allowed at all times.