View across a river to forest with leafed and pine trees

Riverside State Park Expansion Opportunity: Long-Term Boundary and Land Classification Update

Project summary

Washington State Parks is beginning a public planning process to consider expansion of the long-term boundary for Riverside State Park so it can incorporate a new property acquired by Inland Northwest Land Conservancy (the Conservancy) and the Spokane Tribe of Indians known as ‘Glen Tana.’ 

Glen Tana is just over 1,000 acres, including a large stretch of habitat along the Little Spokane River and a large upland area. It’s home to wildlife habitat for many species and connects existing recreational and conservation areas with Riverside State Park.  

Through a unique partnership between Washington State Parks, the Conservancy and the Spokane Tribe of Indians, Glen Tana presents opportunities for environmental stewardship of riparian and upland habitat, expanded recreational access in a high-demand and near urban location and support of salmon reintroduction efforts. 

For more information on the historical context of the Glen Tana property it's importance to the Spokane Tribe of Indians, visit History – Spokane Tribe of Indians. For more information on the project, visit the Northwest Land Conservancy website at  Glen Tana: Future for Salmon and Trails in Spokane.

Map of Glen Tana property

The following image is an aerial view of Riverside State Park's boundary which is highlighted in yellow over a satellite image of the park and surrounding region. The Glen Tana Property,1,060 additional acres located at the northeast edge of the park, is highlighted in orange.  

Location map showing Glen Tana Property with Riverside State Park

Community participation

How To Get Involved  

Park Survey 

A survey was developed to gather public feedback on the first stage of the planning process.

Riverside survey results

Public Workshops

The public will have multiple opportunities to guide the CAMP process. Parks is hosting a series of public workshops to gain feedback and answer questions. Meeting materials will be available on this page directly following each meeting. The next public meeting will be held this winter. Details will be posted here as it gets closer.

The first set of public meetings were held in Sept. 2023. Comments from that meeting can be found below along with a copy of the presentation. 

Presentation recording on YouTube

Public Comment  

The public can provide written comments, questions and suggestions during the meetings and through this comment form.  

Project history

Stage One - Identify Issues and Opportunities 

During this stage of the CAMP planning process, we seek to learn what is important to the park community. Stage one is meant to be an opportunity to hear hopes and concerns as a big-picture exercise to set the course for the next stages of the planning process. 



Public Comment

Stage Two - Explore Alternative Approaches

Using input gathered through stage one outreach methods, alternatives will be developed and presented in a second public workshop. The alternatives offer solutions and strategies to address the hopes and concerns raised during the initial planning stage. 

Stage Three - Preliminary Recommendations

In this stage, the most suitable ideas from the alternative approaches vetted in stage two are combined into a preliminary plan. The plan may include recommendations for land classifications (uses), changes to the park long-term boundary and solutions for concerns raised during the planning process.  

During this stage, the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) checklist that describes environmental impacts associated with the recommendations is completed. 

Stage Four - Final Recommendations

At this point in the planning process, final adjustments to the proposed recommendations are made and submitted to the Parks and Recreation Commission for approval. The public is encouraged to attend the Commission meeting to provide testimony or written comment. 


Project Lead: Genevieve Dial, Parks Planner 
 9610 Old Charles Rd. 
 Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026 
 Email Parks Planning