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Learn how to cancel a reservation and about fees you may need to pay for cancellation.

Cancellations or reduction in nights

You can cancel online or through the call center at (888) 226-7688 or the Washington Telecommunications Relay Service at 711 or (800) 833-6384.

You can't cancel or reduce nights earlier than 8 months in advance of your arrival date and no later than 8 p.m. on your arrival date.

Learn more about our State parks fees and which ones to plan for. 

Cancelling individual sites

The following applies to all individual campsites, roofed shelters, vacation houses and marinas:

Canceling or reducing nights on a reservation will be charged the cancelation or change fee of $8 online or $10 by phone.  Additionally, based on how long you've held the reservation, a percentage of the total cost of all cancelled nights will be collected.  

50% if held more than six months

40% if held for five - six months

30% if held for four - five months

20% if held for three - four months

15% if held for two - three months

10% if held for one - two months

5% if held less than one month

For example: you've held a reservation for 4 months and need to canceled one month prior to your arrival date. You will be charged 30% of all nights canceled.

Reservations held for more than four months will be subject to the percentages listed above. If you cancel or change your reservation six or fewer days prior to your arrival date, the minimum fee will include the change or cancel fee plus 20% of cancelled nights.

If you have questions about a your cancelation or change fee, call (888) 226-7688.

Cancelling multiple-site reservations

If you cancel or reduce nights for one site in a multiple-site reservation, the cancelation or change applies to all sites in the multiple-site.  Reservation, cancelation and change fees are the same for multiple-site reservations. 

No shows

Your reservation is considered a no-show if you have not arrived by 1 p.m. the following day of your scheduled arrival date. Please cancel your reservation or call the park if you need to cancel or arrange a late arrival. 

A no-showed reservation is not eligible for a refund.

Group camps & day-use facilities

Reservations cancelled at least 29 days before your arrival date will be charged an $8 cancelation fee online or $10 when using the call center.

Cancelations made 28 days or fewer before your arrival date, must pay the equivalent of two nights at the given facility.