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Disability Pass

Offered to Washington state residents who are legally blind, profoundly deaf, or who meet the disability definition used by the Social Security Administration.

Pass benefits

Free parking (no Discover Pass needed), watercraft launch and trailer dump use at State Parks.

50% discount on nightly camping or moorage fees. Provides access to ADA accessible campsites.

This pass is free to apply for and must be renewed every 1 or 5 years.

The Disability pass doesn't take the place of a Discover Pass when visiting lands managed by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife or Department of Natural Resources.

Residents of Washington who've been issued a permanent disabled parking ID card, or special license plate, under state law, get free the same benefits.

Download the Discount Pass Program brochure (166 MB).

How to apply 

Do not submit multiple applications.  This may result in a delay.

Download the 1- and 5-Year Disability pass application (PDF).

Have an application mailed to you, call (360) 902-8844, or the Washington Telecommunication Relay Service at (800) 833-6388.  

If you need to renew your pass, please reapply.


Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, WA 98504


(360) 586-6640



Proof of residency

Must be a current Washington State resident* for at least 3 consecutive months.

Submit 1 of the following:

  • Valid Washington State driver license or ID card.
  • Valid Washington State voter registration card.
  • Washington State senior citizen property tax exemption.

*If applying for a minor child without a Washington state ID card, provide a birth certificate or proof of guardianship. Include guardian's residency proof.

Proof of disability

Documents must be dated within the last two years.  Submit 1 of the following:

  • Letter from a state or federal agency on official letterhead stating applicant is receiving disability benefits.
  • A copy of a Washington State disability placard identification card.
  • Medical test indicating applicant is profoundly deaf or legally blind.

Don't see yourself here? Call us at (360) 902-8844.

Do not submit original documents.

Discount pass rules and expectations

If you are using a discount pass there are some basic rules you'll need to follow. 

Pass holder expectations

Do not alter or make copies of your pass. Never share your pass or pass number with others. Pass holders will be charged $15 for replacements.

The pass holder must cancel reservations if unable to use them.

Camping rules

The pass holder must be camping and present at the site to receive a discount. The pass is only valid for the person it is issued to. The pass must be valid and physically with you during your visit. Be prepared to provide photo ID.

All camping discounts and associated benefits are limited to the site the pass holder is camping in. Discounts and fee reductions are limited to 1 campsite or moorage site per night.

Do not make duplicate or multiple reservations for the same night. Including double sites.

Park rules

While it is important that you follow all park rules, these rules are most important for pass holders:

  • Camping is limited to 10 consecutive nights at any single park from April 1 through Sept. 30, and 20 consecutive nights the rest of the year.
  • Moorage is limited to three consecutive nights at any single park.
  • Pass holders are expected to treat park staff with respect, always follow park rules and staff guidance.

Violations of these rules, or any other park rules, may result in pass benefit suspension or revocation. Must surrender pass upon request.


Contact Us

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Department Information Center
Phone (360) 902-8844
Email infocent@parks.wa.gov
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