Press Release

June 13, 2024

State Parks pauses small works opportunities, transitions to statewide small works roster

Media contact

Name Sarah Fronk
Department Communications

OLYMPIA — On July 1, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will transition to the statewide small works roster hosted by the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC).

State Parks will no longer use the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Small Works Roster. Prime contractors who would like to continue receiving small works opportunities after June 30 must register after July 1. The MRSC registration is for prime contractors only at this time. Learn more and register here.

To facilitate this transition, State Parks will pause new small works opportunities from June 17 to June 30.

Statewide Small Works Roster Registration Link: MRSC Business Membership.


The State Parks Statewide Small Works Roster is a list of contractors used for public works projects under $350,000, making it easier for contractors to compete and reducing bidding costs. It is used for various small-scale construction, renovation, repair and maintenance projects, helping State Parks quickly find qualified contractors based on type, location and scope of work.

Contractors can apply to join the roster through MRSC Rosters' online application process. Approved contractors receive notifications and opportunities for small public works projects and must keep their information updated.