Press Release

October 24, 2023

Parks launches new website

Media contact

Name Sarah Fronk
Department Communications

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has officially launched a redesigned and improved website

The new, refreshed website has a modern, inclusive and accessible design. The refresh comes after many years of feedback from parks visitors that they struggled to find information on the website, especially when using a mobile device. Nearly 400 current and potential Washington Parks visitors provided feedback on the design of the new website.  

New features on the website include: 

  • Find the parks you want to visit. You can now search for parks based on their location, features and amenities  
  • Access information using assistive technology such as screen readers, screen magnification, speech recognition software, or keyboard and trackball mouses
  • Get the information you need about the parks you want to visit so you feel safe and know what to expect
  • After finding a park to visit, easily get to the reservation system  

We encourage parks visitors to take time to explore the new website just like the outdoors. Things have changed and may take some getting used to. 

Washington State Parks and Recreation will continue to get feedback and improve the way things are written on the website so that information is up-to-date and is serving parks visitors.