Press Release

October 05, 2021

State Parks Commission to hold special commission meeting tomorrow

OLYMPIA – Oct. 05, 2021 – The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will hold special commission meeting on Wed., Oct. 6. The purpose of this October 6 special meeting is for the commission to receive and evaluate complaints brought against a public officer or employee, to determine if the commission needs to prescribe additional measures and for the executive committee to seek additional directions or delegations from the commission as needed.

The special meeting begins at 4:30 p.m. An agenda is available on the State Parks website.

The special meeting will be conducted remotely. The public can participate in the meeting by using one of the following:


Event Password: WAP@rks2021

Call In numbers: (415) 655-0001 or (206) 207-1700

Access code: 2454 382 9349

No public comment will be taken during the meeting.

News media contacts:

Amanda McCarthy, Communications Manager –

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission manages more than 100 state parks and properties totaling approximately 120,000 acres. The Commission provides a variety of recreation opportunities for citizens and provides stewardship protection for a diverse array of natural, cultural and historic resources. State Parks' statewide programs include long-distance trails, boating safety and winter recreation.