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Volunteer Recognition

Washington State Parks proudly recognize our volunteers’ outstanding commitment in helping maintain our parks and sharing their knowledge with park visitors as we work towards a common goal of protecting our state lands.

We proudly recognize the following Volunteer Award recipients, nominated and chosen by park staff, for their outstanding commitment in 2022. Volunteers provide a valuable service and help make Washington State Parks the wonderful places they are. Check out our Blog Post to learn more about what these wonderful volunteers did in 2022. 

2022 State Parks Volunteer Award winners

Volunteer of the year

Duane Lovette (Mount St. Helens Visitor Center)

Host of the year

Cindy Winkler (Spencer Spit)

Honorable mention

Brad and Judy Hill, Garry and Joy Powers, Marissa Andres and Josh Tomlinson, Marc and Lori Baker, Robert Stanbary and Leslie Schofield

Rookie host of the year

Larry & Michelle Stover (Rockport)

Honorable mention        

Julie Garrard and James Drury 

Good samaritan

Gordy Uno and Richard Stone (Dash Point)

Outstanding contribution by an individual

Terica Ginther (Deception Pass Park Foundation)

Significant volunteer achievement 

Judy Hill (Cama Beach)

Honorable mention

Garry and Joy Powers, Sea Scouts Group, Marissa Andres and Josh Tomlinson, Mike Cass, Julie Garrard and James Drury 

Interpretation volunteer of the year

Friends of Spokane House (Riverside), Mary and Dennis Welch (Sacajawea)

Honorable mention

Martin Lee Walker, Chris Skarr, Duane Lovette 

Stewardship hero

Will Barrett (Fort Worden)

Honorable mention

Doug Wiedman and Bill Granados 

Group of the year

Deception Pass Park Foundation

Honorable mention

Cama Beach Quilters and Friends of Spokane House