Paragliders and Hang-Gliders in the sky.
Paragliding at Fort Flagler above shoreline.
Hang gliding over landscape.
Hang gliding over grassy fields.
Hang gliding in the sky.

Paragliding and Hang Gliding

Experience Fort Ebey, Fort Flagler and Steptoe Butte state parks from above. Experienced paragliders and hang gliders have a unique viewing opportunity that most guests are not able to see.

Rules & safety

Experienced paragliders and hang gliders who have their own gear can take off from a few state parks. Fort Flagler, Fort Ebey and Steptoe Butte welcome paragliders; while hang gliding is only allowed at Steptoe Butte.

Both historic forts are at the northern entrance to Puget Sound, and the views are unparalleled. Soaring under your wing, catching thermals and sitting in your harness, you may spot Key Peninsula, Camano Island, Fort Worden, Fort Casey and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains.

The shape of Steptoe Butte, surrounded by low hills, can make for superb wind conditions as the colorful Palouse Hills rolling out to the horizon.

Registration to fly a hang glider or paraglider

Before taking to the sky, you must complete and return the annual registration form to Washington State Parks. You must carry a copy of the registration with you when paragliding or hang gliding in an approved State Park. Register below for the park you plan to take the sky in.

Complete the online registration form here.

Model gliders

Non-motorized model gliders may be flown using a paragliding permit. Motorized gliders are not permitted in these locations.

Map & visitor guide

Use the Find a Park Page to see maps and visitor guides for a specific park.