A two-story tan dorm building sits on a lush, green lawn with an evergreen tree standing behind the building, the Puget Sounds is seen to the left of the building. On the grass is a volleyball net.

Fort Flagler Retreat Center

Set on a bluff high above Puget Sound, Fort Flagler Retreat Center is steeped in military history, offering a unique experience.

In March of 2020, retreat centers in Washington State Parks were closed due to COVID. During that time, construction and maintenance teams conducted in-depth inspections of the retreat center buildings at Fort Flagler. It was determined that these buildings are no longer safe for occupancy and will remain closed indefinitely.

Our planners continue to evaluate options regarding these historic WWII buildings. Consideration will be given to historic preservation, funding for building repair and the potential reopening of the retreat center. Once a defined plan with a timeline is final, a formal planning process will follow that involves the public and stakeholders.

You may check this page for updates or contact our team at Retreat.Centers@parks.wa.gov for more information.