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Strategic Planning

Learn about State Park's strategic planning in accordance with it's vision and mission at the agency 's 2021-2031 plan and priorities.

The Commission is committed to strategic planning to keep State Parks on course in meeting its vision and mission. The 2021-31 plan communicates the Commission priorities, sets strategic direction and outlines specific priorities. These priorities are to:

  • Customer experience
  • Quality of life
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Resource protection
  • Workforce development
  • Resource management

We continue to build on our priorities and meet the challenges through a dedicated workforce, established and new partnerships, park users' feedback, and a genuine love for state parks. State Park efforts are recognized for its results by the National Recreation and Park Association for excellence in management and operation of the park system.

State Parks Commission will assess its achievements, challenges, and make decisions to integrate the results from the assessment into future iterations of the strategic plan.

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