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Learn about the scope, duties and work of the Washington State Parks Stewardship Program

The Stewardship Program is charged with conserving and protecting the unique, yet vulnerable, natural and cultural heritage preserved within Washington's diverse state park system, while providing sustainable recreational and educational opportunities for current and future generations.


The program is guided by an interdisciplinary team providing statewide technical support and leadership in the preservation of historic sites structures and artifacts, as well as sustainable management of natural resources.

Current activities

The Stewardship Program is currently involved in a variety of resource management activities that address forest health issues, preserving vulnerable historic structures, improving state park sustainability practices, and more.

Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Washington State Parks recently contracted with the Climate Impacts Group to conduct a climate change vulnerability assessment. The study, which is a first step in developing an agency climate change adaptation plan, identifies climate trends which are already impacting state park operations and highlights programmatic areas likely to be impacted.

Preparing Washington State Parks for Climate Change resource documents

Scientific research permit

The diverse resources within the Washington state parks system offer a variety of research opportunities. Conducting research in a Washington state park requires a research permit. To conduct research, survey, or collect any natural resource at a Washington state park, you must complete and submit the scientific research permit application.

Visit the Scientific Research Permit page

Stewardship Program contact Information


Email Cultural Resources
Phone: 360-586-0206

Historic Preservation

Email Historic Preservation
Phone: 360-902-0930

Natural Resources

Email Natural Resources
Phone: 360-902-8641

Salmon Recovery

Email Salmon Recovery
Phone: 360-902-8634


Email Sustainability
Phone: 360-902-8541