Eagle Island Marine State Park

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Cute little Eagle Island is a great place to moor or anchor your boat, gaze at the splendor of Mount Rainier, relax on the beach and watch harbor seals close to the shore.

Located in Balch Passage between Anderson and McNeil islands, this state park property near Tacoma is known by boaters as the gateway to South Puget Sound. Eagle Island Marine State Park is accessible only by watercraft and has one mooring buoy for overnight stays.

Washington's iconic peak Mount Rainier is a showstopper on the eastern horizon. Even on partly sunny days, the 14,411-foot giant may be visible, hovering over the clouds or the land. With so little distance to cover (by foot or by boat) on Eagle Island, you can watch the sunset and sunrise, and relax in between.

Park features

Eagle Island is a 5-acre marine park property with 2,600 feet of saltwater shoreline. During seal pup season, pups will rest on the beach during low tide. Federal law prohibits touching, feeding and disturbing marine mammals. So visitors, including dogs, are required to stay at least 100 yards from seals and their pups.

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Eagle Island Location Map

Picnic & day-use facilities

The park does not have potable water or garbage service. Visitors must pack out what they pack in.


Other activities & features

  • Beach exploration
  • Bird watching
  • Wildlife viewing