Salmon La Sac Sno-Park

Salmon La Sac Sno-park is located in the Blewett/I90 region. This Sno-park features 38 miles of motorized snowmobiling trails, and 4 miles of non-motorized trails for snowshoeing, cross country skiing and more.
  • Trail Length: 38 miles of snowmobile and 4 miles of XC Ski.
  • Elevation: 2,360 feet

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Land Manager

Cle Elum Ranger District
(509) 852-1100

Law Enforcement

Directions & Maps

North of Cle Elum. I-90 exit 80 to State Route 903 north for 16 miles. Parking off USFS Road 4315.


100 spaces

Non-motorized grooming

  • Grooming Season: 12/1-3/31
  • Grooming Company:
    Cle Elum Ranger District

Non-motorized grooming reports

Grooming reports are provided on our website as they are given to us.
They don't represent the most accurate current conditions.

3/25/24: Groomed Salmon la Sac Campground and down to the SLS trailhead, track set. Cayuse, and all other crossover trails are too melted out for grooming. This was the last day of the season because of Spring-like conditions.  

3/22/24: Temperatures stuck around 38 degrees while I was out grooming today. Creeks are running and snow is melting fast. There is a lot of debri from trees on the groomed route on the road cross over and at Cayuse campground. Salmon La Sac campground and trailhead were groomed throughout and tracks were set throughout as well.

3/15/24: No grooming due to groomer injury.

3/11/24: No Grooming today

3/9/24: Salmon La Sac was groomed yesterday morning. Temps ranged between 29-32 degrees. Snow conditions have held up pretty well since our last groom on Monday. Tracks were set throughout as well.

3/4/24: More fresh snow and continuing cool temps have the Salmon la Sac trails looking great! Groomed throughout and set track on the perimeter.

3/1/24: More fresh snow and colder morning temps made for great grooming at Salmon la Sac this morning. Things are looking pretty wintery out there again! Groomed the whole trail system and set track throughout perimeter.

2/26/24: We finally got the snow refresh the trail desperately needed! 5-6 fresh inches of snow throughout. Groomed entire system but did not set track, things started to get a little sticky when the sun came out. There are still many places where creeks and bare ground are hiding just below the surface, now there is a dusting of snow making those spots harder to see, be careful out there. More snow in the forecast for this week, so hopefully that will fill in those larger gaps!

2/23/24: Temperatures today ranged between 31 - 48 degrees. Everything groomed out nicely despite the warm weather. Groomed throughout and set track in Cayuse, Salmon La Sac campground and the Waptus trail head. Felt like spring out there today.

2/18/24: No Grooming Monday 2/19/24 due to Holiday.

2/16/24: Good afternoon, today was a nice day out on the trail with cold temps ranging from 16 – 30 degrees. We received 2-3 inches of light snow on top of an icy snowpack. Things groomed out nicely once things warmed up a bit. Everything was groomed, including the Waptus Bluffs trail. Track set through-out.

2/12/24: Salmon la Sac groomed out pretty nicely, if the temperatures drop as predicted tonight, tomorrow morning could be a nice ski. Track set throughout. There are still spring like conditions in the trails systems, creeks opening and some bare ground showing. Crossover trails are rough right now. If you venture out this week, you’ll find some bonus grooming on the old Waptus Bluffs trail. Our crew did some work in there this week to get this section open and I finally did a pass in there today. It’s not pretty yet, but hopefully some fresh snow and a few more passes and things should level out.

2/9/24: Temps were cold upon arriving at the Sno park this morning, hovering around 29 degrees. Things warmed up quickly and snow softened up a bit. Everything was groomed throughout except the road cross over to Cayuse campground. Track was set from Salmon La Sac trail head to the campground. Creeks are flowing and snow is melting at an alarming rate still.

2/5/24: Salmon la Sac groomed out nicely today despite the slightly warm temperatures. Track set on perimeter. There are a few holes from feet and snowshoes in places so keep your eyes open. Creeks are open and flowing high, close to the trail in some spots.   

1/29/24: No Grooming today at Salmon la Sac, but we ran through a few more repair options on the grooming sled and believe we have solved the mechanical issues. We anticipate the normal grooming schedule will resume Friday February 2nd.

1/28/24: This morning conditions were warm and wet with about 2 inches of very wet slush on top of what was last groomed by the big piston bully groomer. Unfortunately, I was only able to groom the cayuse camp ground and the 4315 cross over before we started to have more snowmobile issues. Will keep you all posted on if this will be a quick fix or not. Track was set from the 4315 road to cayuse campground.

1/26/24: No grooming today. Still waiting on a part for our groomer sled repair.

1/22/24: Our motorized groomer was able to bring the large groomer into Salmon La Sac today, so things should be nice and wide now. Trail was groomed throughout, except for a few sections where its too narrow between the campgrounds. No track set. Still waiting on a part for our groomer sled, but hopefully we’ll be back up and running soon.

1/14/24: Unfortunately we were unable to groom at Salmon la Sac today due to our groomer sled having mechanical issues. Our crew was packing out the trail with snowmobiles before our groomer went out of commission so it will look pretty messy in places for the next few days. Cayuse and salmon la sac may still hold some corduroy from Friday. 

1/13/24: A cold day of grooming at Salmon la Sac. Downed trees, lots of powdery snow and bitterly cold temperatures made for slow progress. The back trail between 4315 and cayuse has been groomed with track, cayuse has been groomed, across the bridge and into salmon la sac has been groomed. We did not make it down the road to the trailhead because of downed trees, hopefully we will get those next time. Conditions are a little rough, with so much new snow it may take a couple passes to smooth things out.

1/8/24: Trail groomed out nicely with tons of fresh snow. Unfortunately, with the 6 inches of snow that fell while grooming you probably won’t be able to tell. No tracks set because you wouldn’t be able to find them.  With all the fresh snow the trail is looking good under all the powder.

12/31/23: Parts of the trail groomed out nicely, particularly down by the Salmon la Sac trailhead and cayuse campground. Unfortunately a vehicle drove through the salmon la sac campground so the trail is pretty destroyed in places. Wasn’t able to make it into the campground today. No track set but some track remains in places. Avoid the east edge of salmon la sac for now, hopefully we can get it all repaired soon with some fresh snow. Early season conditions are still upon us.

12/29/23: Cayuse and Salmon La Sac campgrounds were groomed today as well as the loop at the Salmon La Sac trailhead. The 4315 road to cayuse campground was not groomed due to down trees. Track was set throughout.

Motorized grooming

  • Grooming Season: 12/1-3/31
  • Grooming Company:
    Boulder Creek Enterprises

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