Lily Lake Sno-Park

Lily Lake Sno-park is located in the Blewett/I90 region. This Sno-park features 100 miles of motorized snowmobiling trails.
  • Trail Length: 100 miles
  • Elevation: 2,920 feet

Good to knows

No sanitary facilities

See Sno-Park rules

Land Manager

Apple Country Snowmobile Club

Law Enforcement

Chelan County Sheriff's Office
(509) 663-9911

Directions & Maps

South of Wenatchee on Malaga Highway. Right on Stemilt Creek Road, right on Stemilt Loop Road for 4.5 mi to Lily Lake Road. Lot entrance is about 200 feet east of the junction on the left side.


40 spaces

47.30204065, -120.3150758

Motorized grooming


Groomer 1 Clear Lake-Schaller Naneum East Middle and West, Elk Trail Pole Flats and Lily Lake

Groomer 2 Clear Lake-Rue Coleman Naneum M Middle, Elk Trail and Pole Flats 



Groomer 1 Clear Lake Jump off  Road,4 corners Naneum Middle Naneum East to Colockum Pass/Brewton

Groomer 2 Clear Lake Schaller, Swift Creek, Boulder Creek Naneum Middle, Elk Trail Pole Flats


Alternating Saturday,  Clear Lake, Lily Lake,  Duck Pond 

  • Grooming Season: 12/15-3/31
  • Grooming Company:
    Apple Country Snowmobile Club

Motorized grooming reports

Grooming reports are provided on our website as they are given to us.
They don't represent the most accurate current conditions.

2/21/24: 2 groomers went out today! 1 went up Schaller, down Swift, back up Boulder and finished out his day doing Jump Off and Rocky Ridge.

The 2nd did Pole Flats, Naneum Ridge Middle, down Dawson and finished with Schaller.

 The bottom of Coleman, Swift, Dawson and Boulder are currently bare.

2/16/24: Today we Groomed Schaeller and Elk Trail, Pole Flats. Down Colemand and Swift, paper box and Rue. We did Swift Creek, Boulder and Jump off down to and across the new Rocky Ridge Route.

2/14/24: Temperatures are down and grooming has resumed.  We groomed All the trails on the Wenatchee side of the system, including all of Naneum Ridge, The Brewton, Schaller, Elk Trail, Poll flats and Upper Basin Loop. The machines will be on the Ellensburg side tomorrow and will groom down Swift Creek, Coleman, Dawson and if timer permits, the Paper Box. 

1/30/24: Too warm to groom today. Looks like we will be suspending operations until we get colder weather. Operating the machines will break up the snow and cause the snow to melt faster

1/25/24: The cats were out today and did Upper Basin Loop, Pole Flats, Elk Trail, All of Naneum from the Brewton to the Microwave station. We ventured out Swift Creek to the Colemand Junction and did Schaeller along with the new Rocky Ridge route to Jump Off Ridge Rd. With increasing temps forecasted, we will not be out tomorrow.

1/22/24: Both big cats were out and we did a Upper Basin Loop, Schaeller, Elk Trail/Pole Flats Coleman, Dawson Swift and Boulder Creek. 4 new inches of slow over night. 

1/19/24: groomed Schaeller Rd, Upper Basin Loop, Pole Flats and the Elk Trail.  We also groomed all of Naneum Ridge Rd, East, Middle and West.  We also cleared the Clear Lake Parking Lot.

12/29/23: Still insufficient snow on the lower trails. 

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