Deer Creek Nordic Sno-Park

Deer Creek Nordic Sno-park is located in the Inland Northeast/Southeast region. This Sno-park features 6 miles of groomed trails for non-motorized recreation.
  • Trail Length: 6 miles
  • Elevation: 4,600 feet

Good to knows


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Land Manager

Republic Ranger District
(509) 775-7400

Law Enforcement

Ferry County Sheriff's Office
(509) 775-3132

Directions & Maps

East of Curlew State Park. State Route 21 to County Road 602 east to Boulder-Deer Creek Summit. Parking is on the left side.


20 spaces

48.86487418, -118.3974123

Non-motorized grooming

Non-motorized grooming reports

Grooming reports are provided on our website as they are given to us.
They don't represent the most accurate current conditions.

3/13/24: Boulder: North, South and campground loop were groomed with ski tracks set.

3/8/24: Boulder: South side, campground loop and North side to the big rock were groomed with tracks. The deck set up well since our last snow. The south side has been leveled out and widened, making for the best skate ski conditions to date this year.

3/5/24: Boulder: All routes were groomed with ski tracks. The weather is great, snow coverage is good and some of the uneven terrain on the south side has been addressed.

3/1/24: Boulder: South side, campground loop and North side to the big rock were groomed. There is extensive runoff damage on south side

2/16/24: Boulder: Both sides were packed, groomed and ski tracks were set. South side has considerable wash outs and uneven terrain in places. Blue Bird day and well under freezing. Perfect skiing weather.

1/18/24: Lots of fresh snow! South side was groomed with ski tracks set. North Side and campground loop were groomed.

1/9/24: Boulder: IT’S FINALLY HERE! 10+ inches of fresh snow were packed and groomed with ski tracks both North and South. All issues with ruts and rocks were resolved except one small section on the south end.

1/5/24: Boulder: North side and campground loop were groomed with ski tracks to the big rock. Several passes past the big rock helped with the uneven terrain. Hopefully this issue will be resolved after the upcoming predicted snow event. Very little snow at the end of the north loop by the corral. Watch for rocks.

1/4/24: Boulder: Full groom with one set of tracks on south side and to the big rock on the North. Conditions are improving. According to the nearest monitor there are 12” on boulder. However, some rocks and ruts are still exposed or lightly covered.

12/28/23: Boulder: North side groomed with ski tracks out to big rock. Past the big rock, conditions are poor. Expect rocks, uneven terrain, deep ruts, vegetation and ice.

12/27/23: Boulder: Skate deck and one set of ski tracks were set on the south side.  The Campground loop was groomed on the North side. Rocks and ruts are still a concern, especially on the east on the south trail.

12/13/23: Boulder: Two passes were finished on the south side and north side to the big rock. Snow conditions were poor for grooming. There are 6-8” of snow making grooming difficult. Expect exposed or lightly covered rocks, ruts and washouts.

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