Crawfish Sno-Park

Crawfish Sno-park is located in the Mount Baker/Methow region. This Sno-park features 33 miles of motorized snowmobiling trails.
  • Trail Length: 33 miles
  • Elevation: 4,500 feet

Good to knows

Limited Parking

See Sno-Park rules

Land Manager

Okanogan-Wenatchee Ranger District
(509) 664-9200

Law Enforcement

Okanogan County Sheriff's Office
(509) 422-7232

Directions & Maps

16 miles east of Riverside via County Road 9320.


15 spaces

48.48918447, -119.2212381

Motorized grooming

  • Grooming Season: 1/4-2/21
  • Grooming Company:
    Okanogan County Public Works

Motorized grooming reports

Grooming reports are provided on our website as they are given to us.
They don't represent the most accurate current conditions.

2/14/24: Grooming cancelled until further notice due to cat breaking down.

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