Cabin Creek Sno-Park

Cabin Creek Sno-park is located in the Blewett/I90 region. This Sno-park features 25 miles of trail for non-motorized recreation.
  • Trail Length: 21 miles
  • Elevation: 2,462 feet

Good to knows

Visitors to this area will need a Special Area sticker in addition to their Sno-Park Pass.
Special Fee Area

See Sno-Park rules

Land Manager

Cle Elum Ranger District
(509) 852-1100

Law Enforcement

Directions & Maps

 10 miles east of Snoqualmie Summit, I-90, exit 63/


There are 200 parking spaces.

47.29654706, -121.288623

Non-motorized grooming

UPDATED SPRING SCHEDULE: No South Loop or Amabilis on Thursdays. 

  • Grooming Season: 12/1-3/31
  • Grooming Company:

Non-motorized grooming reports

Grooming reports are provided on our website as they are given to us.
They don't represent the most accurate current conditions.

3/31/24: Groomed Viking loop, Berg Loop and The Road.  This morning will be a repeat of yesterday, very firm and fast, but time it right and it could be a wonderful day.  

Groomed Erling Stordahl; Forest Loop, Beginners Loop and start of Roller Coaster.

Last grooming of the season, trails are melting out quickly with growing bare spots exponentially bigger then yesterday.  Don't wait if you are trying to get one more day.  

3/30/24: Groomed Viking loop, Berg Loop, The Road and Amabilis to the top left Y.

Groomed Erling Stordahl; Forest Loop, Beginners Loop and start of Roller Coaster.

3/29/24: Groomed Berg loop, Viking loop and The Road.  Finishing at 3am so hopefully it will set up as the temperature is nearing 32 degrees.  

3/28/24: Groomed Berg loop, Viking loop and The Road.  After yesterday's wet sloppy weather this morning turned out surprisingly good.  

3/27/24: Groomed lower trails and The Road ( remember Ozbaldy is done for season ) Outer loop of Viking melted out so taking last shortcut.  1 inch of new snow this morning,  looks like winter at the moment but still a few bare spots on trail.

Groomed Erling Stordahl, Forest and Beginners loops only and start of Roller Coaster.  

3/26/24: Groomed Berg and Viking loops, some bare spots you need to ski around.  Also groomed The Road.  Just a few days left of grooming.

3/25/24: Groomed Berg and Viking loops plus The Road.

3/24/24: Groomed the Berg and Viking loops plus The Road.  No more grooming of Ozbaldy due to low snow.

Grooming Erling Stordahl,  last time Roller Coaster will be groomed due to low snow.  

3/23/24: Groomed lower trails less Ozbaldly.  The predicted rain so far has not arrived and the trails are barely holding up.  

Groomed Erling Stordahl with double classic set track, last Ski-for-Light Saturday.  Not the area to go if your skating today.  No challenge loops just Roller Coaster out and back.  Tomorrow will be last grooming of Roller Coaster it is mostly melted out in the middle.

Groomed Amabilis to the top via Left Y.  It looks like the rain that was predicted last night has arrived.

South Loop grooming complete for season.  

3/22/24: Groomed Berg and Viking loops plus The Road.  

3/21/24: Groomed lower trails less Ozbaldy.  Snow is holding on for tomorrow and for the most part probably the weekend.  

3/20/24: Groomed lower trails.  Trails have melted out quite a bit and are just barely hanging in there.  The first section of the Berg loop has melted out and is extremely dirty before The Road.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.  No steep sections of the Challenge Loop due to some sections of dirt but did Roller Coaster all the way out and back.  

3/17/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y ( no Ozbaldy).  Second day of very warm temperatures caused us to swap over to smaller snowcat on lower trails mid shift, touched up skate lane but left classic track from yesterday.

Groomed Erling Stordahl,  did not groom steep sections of Challenge Loop but did  entire length of Roller Coaster.

No grooming Monday or Tuesday due to warm temperatures, trying to save what little snow we have left.  

3/16/24: Groomed lower trails, Amabilis and South Loop.  While it was a really warm day, the trails survived and they are freezing up for the early morning skiers.  Fast and firm on the lower trails but upper Amabilis will be a workout with the inversion and above freezing temperatures up top.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.  

3/15/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Might be the last freezing morning for 4-5 days.  Trails are going to be firm and fast with a beautiful mountain morning.  

3/14/24: Groomed lower trails.  Warm weekend ahead.

3/13/24: Groomed lower trails.  About 1-2 inches of wet heavy warm snow over about 4 inches of deep slush, hopefully it firms up by daylight.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.  

3/12/24: Groomed lower trails.  Heavy wet snow.

3/11/24: Groomed lower trails.  It rained 1/4 inch until about 2am so we waited a bit later to start grooming.  The clouds are lifting and it's another decent ski day.  

3/10/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Back to the warm days and freezing nights, trails will be super fast early morning and soften somewhere around 10-11am.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.

3/9/24: Groomed lower trails, South Loop and Amabilis to the top.  

Groomed Erling Stordahl for Ski-for-Light, double set classic track, not the area to go if you plan on skating today but a wonderful chance to ski side by side.  

3/8/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Trails groomed out firm and fast for this morning, this could be the last weekend before you start to see us mention tree debris so get up here if you can.  

3/7/24: Groomed The Road and Berg loop.

3/6/24: Groomed lower trails.  Yesterday was without doubt the BEST DAY of the season, you get a second chance to experience it today as it's shaping up to be just as good.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.

3/5/24: Groomed lower trails.  Everything groomed out wonderfully and it's an amazing morning.    It's going to be one of the top days of the season, hope you can make it to the mountains.

3/4/24: No grooming this morning due to deteriorating i90 road conditions and steady heavy snow.

3/3/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Good luck to all the Ozbaldy participants today, the trails should be firm, fast and trees  covered in fresh snow. Groomed Erling Stordahl.  

3/2/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the top.  Remember ski races in the morning. Groomed Erling Stordahl.  

3/1/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Today is going to be a great day.  

Remember last races of the season in the morning Saturday and Sunday so it will be extra busy. 


2/29/24: No grooming today ( Thursday AM ) due to unwavering rain.  

2/28/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the top.  It snowed heavy all night until 2:35 am when it turned to heavy rain.  The HEAVY rain continues.  Trails have a couple sloppy wet inches over the fresh grooming.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.  ( no challenge loop or set track today )

2/27/24: No grooming this morning

2/26/24: Groomed The Road.  With every forecast predicting a season saving amount of new cold snow we were overjoyed and optimistic.  

UNFORTUNATELY reality is the 1.5 inches of steady HEAVY rain Saturday and Sunday took its toll on the trails.  We have received barely 2 inches of fresh snow this morning and are still hopeful for more throughout the day.  Lower trails look good for classic today and we are optimistic more snow will fall to cover up the damaged areas. 

2/25/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Rained hard all night, disappointing as we hoped it would change over to snow. Groomed Erling Stordahl.

2/24/24: Groomed lower trails, Amabilis to the top and South Loop.  Trails will be firm and fast in the morning. Groomed Erling Stordahl with double classic track for Ski-for-Light.  

2/23/24: Groomed lower trails.  The trails have a few rough spots from the afternoon rain.  

2/22/24: Groomed lower trails.  

2/21/24: Groomed lower trails, also groomed Erling Stordahl.  

2/20/24: Groomed lower trails. Mornings are best, trails have been getting soft in the early afternoons.

2/19/24: Groomed lower trails.  Trails are holding up well, today should be another nice day in the mountains.  

Groomed Erling Stordahl.

2/18/24: Groomed lower trails for Stampede 15k & 5k Freestyle Race, groomed Amabilis to the top.  Lower trails will be crowded with racers and spectators in the morning.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.

2/17/24: Groomed lower trails, Amabilis to the top and South Loop.   It was cold all day yesterday and this morning, trails should be firm and fast.  REMEMBER Stampede Race tomorrow in the morning and as always on the weekend PLEASE PARK RESPONSIBLY.

Groomed Erling Stordahl.  

Trails will be groomed Monday.  

2/16/24: Groomed lower trails.

2/15/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  The winds picked up around midnight and into the early morning,  it snowed a little over 1 inch and the temperature stayed a few degrees below freezing.

2/14/24: Groomed lower trails.  Temperature dropped below freezing early morning and we groomed after the trails froze.  Hopeful predictions come true and snow overnight.

Groomed Erling Stordahl. 

2/13/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Staying off the rain saturated snow yesterday morning paid off tenfold today.  We waited for the freeze that never came this morning so we finished later than normal.  Trails should hold up well for the coming holiday weekend.  

2/12/24: No grooming this morning due to constant overnight steady/heavy rain.  

2/11/24: Groomed lower trails.  We had a slight mechanical hiccup this morning so NO Amabilis to the Y.  

Groomed Erling Stordahl.

2/10/24: Groomed lower trails, Amabilis to the top and South Loop.  For tonight it seems winter temperatures have returned,  trails will be firm and fast in the AM and maybe even just past 10am.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PARK RESPONSIBILY AND NOT BLOCK THE ROADWAY.

Groomed Erling Stordahl;  Ski-for-Light is today so expect double classic track set throughout the trails ( not the area to go if your skating today ).

2/9/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  It has snowed this morning and the trails are covered with 1-2 inches of new snow.  

2/8/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the top. There was snow in the trees a ways uphill from the Y.

2/7/24: Groomed lower trails.  Firm and fast this morning, started to freeze around midnight. Another week of spring like conditions.  Groomed Erling Stordahl.

2/6/24: Groomed lower trails.  

2/5/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  It did try and snow around midnight and the temperature is hovering right around freezing.  

2/4/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the top.    Temperature is below freezing and trails are setting up to be firm and fast at sunrise.

Erling Stordahl will be groomed just before sunrise to try and get some of the deep slush spots to freeze up.  

2/3/24: Groomed lower trails, Amabilis to the top ( both left and right Y ) and South Loop. Groomed Erling Stordahl.

2/2/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  

Trails are holding up well with spring like conditions less the overabundance of tree debris.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PARK RESPONSIBILY,  keep drive lanes clear.  

2/1/24: Groomed lower trails, Amabilis and South Loop. Much drier this morning.

1/31/24: Groomed lower trails.  We started the morning with HEAVY rain and we are currently finishing up The Road it is slightly less heavy rain.  Today might be the day to get a sit down breakfast or late start with the rain predicted to stop around 11am

Groomed Erling Stordahl.  

1/30/24: Groomed lower trails, finishing up The Road shortly.  Nice springlike morning. 

1/29/24: Groomed lower trails.

1/28/24: The heavy down pour of yesterday has subsided to a lighter rain this morning that feels like it's going to stop around daylight.  It did stop raining for a few hours during the night. Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y. Groomed Erling Stordahl.

1/27/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the top.  ( no Ozbaldy and Souty Loop due to rain). Groomed Erling Stordahl. 

1/26/24: Groomed lower trail and Amabilis to the Y.  

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PARK RESPONSIBILY ON SATURDAY.  Only park in designated areas, look for signs and DO NOT BLOCK ROAD.

1/25/24: Groomed lower trails, Amabilis to the top and South Loop.  

1/24/24: Groomed lower trails and Erling Stordahl. Heavy snow and 34*.  Cabin Creek has about 1-2 inches of new snow on course and we just finished.  
UPDATE: 10:35am regrooming Erling Stordahl.  ( not regrooming Challenge Loop ) 

1/23/24: Groomed lower trails.

1/22/24: We waited for the freezing rain event that so far hasn't arrived.  Currently grooming lower trails at Cabin Creek.

1/21/24: Currently snowing with a trace of new snow this morning and 28 degrees.   Pass has chains required for trucks. Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the Y.  Snow was falling from the trees as we were finishing due to wind. Erling Stordahl grooming should be finished by 8am.

1/20/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the top.  Small tree down on start of Berg loop just before Amabilis road crossing. Erling Stordahl was groomed with double set classic track for Ski-for-Light today.

1/19/24: Groomed lower trails and South Loop.

1/18/24: Groomed lower trails and Amabilis to the top.

1/17/24: Due to I90 closure NO GROOMING today.

1/16/24: A repeat of last night, cold and clear.  Going to be another great day before the next storm. Groomed lower trails.

1/15/24: Groomed lower trails and both sides of Amabilis.  Also groomed Erling Stordahl.  

1/14/24: Groomed lower trails and both sides of Amabilis.  Also groomed Erling Stordahl.  

1/13/24: Groomed lower trails, both sides of Amabilis and South Loop. Erling Stordahl should be groomed by 9am,

1/12/24: Groomed lower trails(Berg & Viking Loops , The Road and Ozbaldy.

1/11/24: Groomed lower trails, The Road and Amabilis both sides of Y.  ( Rolled Ozbaldy, no classic track)

1/10/24: Groomed lower trails and The Road.  No Ozbaldy yet.  Also groomed South Loop.  Trees down on PK loop and first section of Berg loop after crossing Amabilis Road.   Trail is soft and punchy from the new 14 inches of wet heavy sticky snow.  

Groomed Erling Stordahl;  trail is rough and uneven but this wet heavy sticky snow has improved it a lot.  No classic track.

1/7/24: Gunnar Hagen Classic Race at Cabin Creek today. Rolled and set classic track for race. Rolled South Loop. Rolled Erling Stordahl; several melted sections on Roller Coaster;  stumps and uneven trail on loops.  Low snow conditions.  No classic track, need more snow to set track. 

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