Ahtanum Red Saddle Sno-Park

Ahtanum Red Saddle Sno-Park is located in the Greenwater/Yakima region. This Sno-park features 53 miles of trail motorized, snowmobiling trails.
  • Trail Length: 53 miles
  • Elevation: 3,240 feet

Good to knows

Ahtanum system

See Sno-Park rules

Land Manager

WA State DNR

Law Enforcement

Yakima County Sheriff's Office
(509) 574-2500

Directions & Maps

31 miles west of Yakima. I-82 Exit 36. Valley Mall Blvd west to Third Ave south. At Ahtanum Road, go west 25 miles to Tampico Food Store Y-intersection. Take right fork for 9.5 miles


100 spaces

46.51130707, -121.0198949

Motorized grooming

  • Grooming Season: 12/1-3/31
  • Grooming Company:
    R&R Grooming

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