Palouse Falls First Day Sketch and Stroll

Pak your art supplies AND your hiking gear and come capture the rarely-seen beauty of Palouse Falls in Winter!

Length of Hike: 0.25 miles

Where to Meet: Covered Picnic Shelter in Day Use Area

Is this Hike for Beginners? Yes

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

ADA Accessible? Yes

Stroller Accessible? Yes

Are leashed dogs allowed? No

Restrictions: Recommended for +5yrs

Registration Required: No

Things to bring: Hiking Boots, Yak Traks, Warm Clothes, Art Supplies, Picnic Lunch, Hiking Poles, WATER.

Cancellation Information: In the event of inclement weather the program may be rescheduled. Snowy/Icy Roads.

Description: During the time of year when Palouse Falls discharges the most amount of water, reaching 1,900 ft3/s to 6,800 ft3/s, we will be hosting a sketch and stroll! Attendees are encouraged to bring their charcoal, colored pencils, and, sketch pads. Capture the astonishing view of the icy Palouse Falls. Share

your art with other artists and experience Palouse Falls in a whole new way! We will provide coloring books and colored pencils for the kids


46.66492844, -118.2264328