First Day Dog Stroll at Sacajawea Historical State Park

Event location: Sacajawea Historical State Park
Calling all pups! Bring your people for a day of food, fun and walkies this New Year's Day at Sacajawea Historical State Park

Length of Hike: .75 miles

Where to Meet: Sacajawea Discovery Center

Is this Hike for Beginners? Yes

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

ADA Accessible? Yes

Stroller Accessible? Yes

Are leashed dogs allowed? Yes

Restrictions: Dogs must remain on leash at all times. Known reactive or aggressive dogs should not attend this group event. Event is dependent on weather and temperature conditions. If it is unsafe for dogs due to extreme low temperatures or icy ground conditions, the event will be rescheduled for the safety of canine and human participants.

Registration Required:

Things to bring: Warm clothing, binoculars (for wildlife watching), leash/treats/blanket for your dog

Cancellation Information: 509-520-4013

Description: Join Interpretive Ranger Mary at Sacajawea State Park for the New Year’s Dog Stroll! Pups and their families are invited to take a walk in the park on New Year’s Day. There will be activity stations for dogs to show off their talents, a chance for dogs to earn their Bark Ranger badges, and an interpretive program about the amazing dog that travelled with Lewis and Clark. Warm up with a hot drink, toast marshmallows on the patio, and enjoy the beauty of the Snake-Columbia Confluence in winter with your canine companions!


46.2012, -119.04017

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