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Clean vessel act grant funding

The Clean Vessel Act of 1992 established grant funding for the construction, operation and maintenance of sewage disposal systems serving recreational boaters. Washington State parks administers our state's Clean Vessel Act grant program (CVA).

We receive CVA funding through a nationally competitive grant process, administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Grant funding comes from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund.  CVA grants do not get funding from vessel registration fees, Discover Passes, fishing or crabbing licenses. 

In addition to funding pumpouts, dump stations and floating restrooms across the state, the CVA grant program funds Pumpout Washington — the public outreach program managed by Washington Sea Grant.

Pumpout Washington team has engaged with tens of thousands of boaters about the importance of properly disposing their sewage. Pumpout Washington has also distributed more than 10,000 pumpout adapter kits to boaters, making it easier for them to empty their boat's head. 

Keeping the waters clean

Since 2001, we have received over $21 million dollars in federal grants. That has funded nearly 140 marine sewage disposal system projects across the state.

The program support ongoing operations and maintenance of more than 140 pumpouts and dump stations, and free mobile pumpout services at 10 coastal marinas.

We are proud to support Washington boaters, who have prevented millions of gallons of sewage from contaminating Washington's waters by using CVA pump-out facilities. A clean marine environment is very important for everyone and boaters are leaders in keeping Washington's waterways clean.

Puget Sound is a no-discharge zone

Washington's Department of Ecology established a Vessel Sewage No Discharge Zone (NDZ) for Puget Sound and some adjoining waters.  Learn more about the NDZ.

Marinas with pumpouts

Learn tips on how to maintain a pumpout station and how to maintain a dump station for portable toilets.

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