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Visitation Reports

Read about and view visitation data Washington State Parks collects on our overnight and day-use visitors.

Are you interested in visitation data for our park system?

Washington State Parks collects annual visitation numbers for both overnight and day-use visitors. The calendar year visitation counts are available by park using the link for the year you would like to view in the reports below. The visitor counts provided in these documents are derived through methodology and are not representing an exact number. No claims are made to the accuracy of this data or to the suitability of the data for a particular use.

To view the data, click on the link for the year of report you would like to view. Each Microsoft Excel document includes three tabs. One tab shows the grand total of visitation by month by park. The other two tabs show the same information, but the data is limited to either day-use visitation only or overnight visitation only. The drop-down arrows in the column headers can be used to sort or filter the data.

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Visitation reports