Nisqually State Park Development

Project summary

Nisqually State Park is a day-use park currently in development on the Nisqually River between Mashel River and Ohop Creek. 

Development of the park is being completed in phases:

  • Phase 1 (complete): Design and permitting for phases 2 and 3
  • Phase 2 (current phase): Staff residence, admin building, interpretive plaza, Nisqually River Managed Access, power service
  • Phase 3: Park entry, welcome station, RV dump station, campground, Mashel River overlook, maintenance building, wastewater treatment facility, water service
  • Phase 4: Design and permitting for phases 5 and 6
  • Phase 5: Trail improvements
  • Phase 6: Village Center

The park represents the first time Parks has partnered with a local Tribe to create a new park. The Nisqually people have lived in this area for thousands of years, and the engaging details of their lifestyle and culture will be prominent among the park’s interpretive themes. 

  • Location: Nisqually State Park
  • Estimated start date: June 17, 2024
  • Estimated end date: Current phase of work estimated for completion by summer 2025

Current work

The current phase of work is anticipated for completion in summer 2025 and includes:

  • Construction of an interpretive plaza and several new operational facilities 
  • Development of a trail system to the Nisqually River 
  • Construction of multiple river overlooks  

The new interpretive plaza will be the starting point for a trail down to the Nisqually River. It will feature information about the Nisqually Tribe and the significance of the land, water and natural resources of the area. It will also provide examples of Nisqually language and culture, including quotes and stories from tribal elders. 

The new trails and overlooks will provide public access to the Nisqually River and view access to Ohop Creek. Both of these waterways are important cultural and natural resources that support several species of salmon. 

Graphic depiction of interpretive plaza with people walking down sidewalk
Rendering of new Interpretive Plaza
Rendering of new interpretive plaza and administrative building.
Rendering of new Interpretive Plaza and Administrative Building.


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