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Boater Education Courses

An online boating education course can be taken to obtain your Mandatory Boater Education Card. Several options are available, and vary in fee amount, course experience, and whether or not they are able to provide your Boater Card directly.

Online boater education courses

All of the online courses below are state-approved, and the Boating program does not recommend one course specifically over another. Differences between the courses include fee structure, course experience and if they provide the Boater Card. These differences are outlined in the table below.

Some vendors are not able to sell the Washington State Boater Education Card directly. After passing the course exam, you need to submit a Boater Education Card Application (PDF), along with $10 and a copy of the certificate of completion to the State parks Boating program to receive your card.

If the vendor is authorized to sell the Washington State Boater Education Card, you do not have to mail an application and card fee to the State Parks Boating program.

Boater Education Online Course Options

Course Cost Applies for a boater card on your behalf Practice Tests Course Features Additional Fees Customer Service Contact
Boat U.S. Foundation Boating Safety Course No Fee No Yes Study material provided in online course manual. None 800-245-2628, ext. 3208

Boater Exam Washington

$39.95 Yes Yes Fully animated and narrated study guide, with visuals for exam questions.  $10 fee for your boating card. 866-764-2628


$39.95 No No Animated and narrated course. Best mobile compatibility. None 877-655-7778
America’s Boating Course $34.95 No Yes Interactive course with downloadable course manual. None 888-367-8777
Boat-Ed $44.95 Yes Yes Animated, narrated course with study guide. $10 plus a $0.50 handling fee for your boating card. 800-830-2268

I Learn to Boat-Washington

$59.50 Yes Yes Interactive video course.  $10 plus a $0.50 handling fee for your boating card. 800-830-2268

Study at Home

The home study option includes a study guide and certification exam booklet. The course offers safety basics, laws and regulations that all recreational boaters should know and covers a number of important.  A certificate of accomplishment is issued upon successful completion of the exam.

To take a home study course, read the online study guide Boat Washington Course. You do not need to register for the course for access to the online study guide.

To request the certification exam booklet, email the Boating program.  Include the following:

Your first and last name, exactly as it on your current government-issued ID and mailing address. 

Send only one name per email request. A unique numbered certification exam and detailed instructions will be mailed to you. Allow up to two weeks for delivery.

In-person classes

Instructor-led courses offer students the chance to interact with an experienced boater, learn specific local boating information, and network with other boaters. 

Find an in-person course 

The course length, date and cost all vary, depending on the independent instructor. State Parks does not set course fees or class location. 

The class schedule (PDF) reflects all upcoming classes posted by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron and independent instructors. Other certified classes may be offered, but not reflected on this schedule.


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