Bagley, our mascot, standing on a bridge.

Meet our Mascots

Our mascots are chosen from a wide variety of local animals to represent our programs.

Our mascots represent a wide variety of animals from around the state and hope to welcome our youth to a lifelong love of the outdoors!

Anthropomorphic graphic depictions of the Washington State Parks mascots, from left to right a beaver named Bagley in a ranger uniform waving his hand, a frog  named Lewis in a yellow life jacket giving a thumbs up, a raccoon named Belle wearing a volunteer vest and holding a trash bag and a stick, a light brown deer named Ruth, two snowshoe hares named Matilda and Blake wearing winter recreation gear and a red-tailed hawk named  Wallace.

Pictured left to right above, our Washington State Parks Mascots are:

Bagley the beaver

Bagley is named after Daniel Bagley, who came to Washington state in 1852. He had a lifelong passion for education.

Lewis the Pacific chorus frog

Lewis is named after Meriwether Lewis, the explorer who co-led the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition with William Clark. The expedition took place between May 1804 and September 1806 and mapped the way west from the Louisiana Territory to the Pacific Ocean.

Belle the raccoon

Belle is named after Belle Reeves, the first woman Washington Secretary of State (1938-1948) and one of the first members of the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

Ruth the deer

Ruth is named after Ruth Peeler, one of the first citizen park commissioners and mother of the Washington State Parks interpretive program.

Matilda the snowshoe hare

Matilda is named after Matilda Jackson who moved to Chehalis, Wash., with her husband, John R. Jackson, in the 1840s. Their reconstructed cabin is preserved as the Jackson House State Park Heritage Site. 

Blake the snowshoe hare

Blake is named after Blake Island State Park, a marine state park in the Puget Sound southwest of Seattle.

Wallace the red-tailed hawk

Wallace is named after Wallace Falls State Park, which is home to a 265-foot waterfall.