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Share your photos of Washington State Parks with us.

We invite you to share your photos taken in state parks, marine state parks, heritage sites, long-distance trails and other park properties.

Washington State Parks uses, with permission, user-generated content on the agency’s social media channels, website, blog, publications, promotional and retail items (such as the annual wall calendar).

To instill a value for the safe and sustainable use of the outdoors, photos should depict park visitors using expected safety and stewardship practices, such as keeping dogs on leash, wearing helmets while riding bikes, wearing lifejackets while boating, demonstrating Leave No Trace Principles, etc. Washington State Parks also will not accept photos of visitors in hazardous or off-limits areas or participating in illegal activities.

Photos on a thumb drive or DVD, please email us at for submission instructions. 

View the legal terms and conditions (PDF, 60KB).

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