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Statewide Small Works Roster

Learn about and join the MRSC Statewide Small Works Roster, a directory of licensed contractors approved for construction projects.

State Parks Statewide Small Works Roster

On July 1, 2024, State Parks is switching to the statewide small works roster through MRSC. To continue receiving small works opportunities after June 30, you must register for the State Parks Statewide Small Works Roster.

The State Parks Statewide Small Works Roster is a list of contractors used for public works projects under $350,000, making it easier for contractors to compete and reducing bidding costs. It is used for various small-scale construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance projects, helping State Parks quickly find qualified contractors based on type, location, and scope of work.

Contractors can apply to join the roster through MRSC Rosters' online application process. Approved contractors receive notifications and opportunities for small public works projects and must keep their information updated.

How to join the Roster:


Make sure you are licensed, bonded, insured, registered with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), and have a WA UBI number.


Complete the Statewide Small Works Roster application at MRSC and select State Parks.


Once approved, State Parks will send bid notifications to firms on the roster. Follow the instructions in the email to bid.


State Parks will award the project to the firm with the lowest responsible bid.