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Small Works Roster

Learn about and join the Small Works Roster (SWR), which serves as a directory of licensed contractors who have applied and been approved to participate in construction projects.

The Small Works Roster (SWR) is a listing of licensed contractors who have applied and been approved to be on the roster. It is maintained by various public agencies, including state and local government entities, school districts, and other public institutions. The purpose of the SWR is to simplify the procurement process for small public works projects that have a total estimated cost of $350,000.00 or less.

By being on the SWR, contractors gain the opportunity to compete for projects within this specific threshold without having to go through a full competitive bidding process. Instead, public agencies can directly solicit quotes or proposals from contractors on the SWR, which makes the process more efficient and cost-effective for both the agency and the contractors.

The SWR is typically used for a wide range of small-scale construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance projects. It enables public agencies to quickly and easily identify qualified contractors for their specific project requirements based on various factors such as contractor type, project location, and scope of work.

Contractors interested in participating in the SWR can apply to be included in the roster, usually through an online application process. Once approved, they become eligible to receive notifications and opportunities for small public works projects. Contractors are responsible for keeping their information up to date and ensuring their eligibility remains valid.

Overall, the Small Works Roster provides a streamlined mechanism for connecting licensed contractors with small public works projects, fostering increased competition, efficiency, and accessibility in the procurement process.

Join The Small Works Roster, applications are accepted any time.

Visit the Department of Enterprise Services website to join the Small Works Roster.