A view looking down an old railroad bridge made of iron on the Willapa Hills State Park Trail. The rails have been replaced with boards and a bicycle is leaning on the rail on the  right side. To the left the Willappa River is seen flowing under the bridge and the  blue sky above is filled with fluffy white clouds.

Washington State Scenic Bikeways

Learn more about State Park's role the Scenic Bikeways program, which is helping to nominate and create bike routes across Washington State.

Established by the state legislature through the Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”) 79A.05.800, Washington State Parks is in the process of developing a statewide Scenic Bikeways program. State Parks, along with input from an Task Force of community members, are working to develop the program including an application and evaluation process for route nominations.

The new statewide Scenic Bikeways program is intended to designate bike routes around the state with exceptional scenic, recreational, cultural, and/or historic value. State Parks will manage the program by overseeing the route nomination process, implementation, and designation of routes.


Task Force Members

Community members serving a two-year term on an advisory task force are:

Chris Brewer Marilyn Hedges Christ Thomsen
Debra Byrd Donald Holguin David Urbína
Steve Durrant Steve Lewis Aryaa Vinod
Greg Eide Shrey Sangal Jeff Watson
Lisa Giacchino Russ Schwartz Grace Young


Task force duties include:

  • Reviewing and discussing draft processes, such as evaluation criteria for route proposals.
  • Reviewing and evaluating route proposals.
  • Providing recommendations on Scenic Bikeway designations to the State Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • Assisting in other aspects of program formation.



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