Sunset over water.

Mission & Vision

Learn about Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission's mission, vision and core values.

Washington State Parks protects some of the most diverse — and most beautiful — lands in the country.

From ocean beaches to mountain waterfalls, hiking trails to swimming areas, Washington’s state parks welcome you to explore a wide variety of outdoor recreation and experience the state’s most iconic and breathtaking natural wonders.


The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission cares for Washington's most treasured lands, waters, and historic places. State parks connect all Washingtonians to their diverse natural and cultural heritage and provide memorable recreational and educational experiences that enhance their lives.


Washington's state parks will be cherished destinations with natural, cultural, recreational, artistic, and interpretive experiences that all Washingtonians enjoy, appreciate, and proudly support.

Core values

The agency has adopted the following core values:

  • Commitment to stewardship that transmits high quality park assets to future generations
  • Dedication to outdoor recreation and public enjoyment that welcomes all our citizens to their public parks
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Involving the public in our policy development and decision making
  • Support for one another as we translate our mission into reality