Non-motorized recreation

The Winter Recreation Program provides Sno-Parks, cleared parking areas for vehicles in close proximity to groomed and/or backcountry trails. There are two types of Sno-Parks, those for snowmobiles and those for non-motorized sports. A handful of Sno-Parks offer both types of activities.

Formerly called Cross-Country Ski Sno-Parks, this type of Sno-Park has changed its name to reflect the variety of non-motorized sports presently occurring on the trails and in play areas for skijoring, snowshoeing, and inner-tubing.

Some non-motorized sports Sno-Parks have groomed trails, and some have backcountry trails. Groomed trails include a tracked trail and sometimes a skating lane.

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Remember that Sno-Park plowing cannot be maintained without highway plowing. For this reason, under certain weather conditions, some Sno-Parks may not be cleared for vehicle parking until the highways have been cleared. Keep in mind that it is against the law to park on highway interchanges.