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Paragliding registration - Steptoe Butte

  1. Registration for paragliding and hang gliding
    You must print a copy of this form and have it with you when you use a paraglider or hang glider at a state park.
  2. Rules & regulations
    Federal rules
    Must comply with FAA controlled airspace restrictions.
    • No flying over any congested area of a city, town or settlement;
    • No flying over any open-air assembly of persons;
    • May not enter controlled airspace without prior authorization from the controlling authority;

    Must comply with visual flight requirements as outlined in AIM and CFR.
    • Code of Federal Regulations Title 14 Part 103 – ultralight vehicles;
    • Code of Federal Regulations Title 14 Part 91.155(c) – Basic visual flight requirements (VFR) weather minimums;
    • Aeronautical Information Manual – Chapter 3. Airspace, airspace defined.

    Washington State Park rules, WAC 352-32-130 – Use of aircraft in Washington state parks • Comply with the registration process provided for such purposes;
    • Observe all applicable laws and regulations, including Washington State Park rules;
    • Never destroy or disturb park facilities, natural features, or historical or archaeological resources;
    • Conduct themselves with thoughtfulness, courtesy and consideration for others, and not interfere with other recreational activities;
    • Conduct themselves in compliance with the following basic safety regulations:
    • Comply with specific site operational restrictions that are posted;
    • Fly in a manner consistent with the pilot rating held;
    • Preplanned landings should be made in areas no smaller than 40 feet wide by 100 feet long;
    • Make preflight checks of weather, equipment and site conditions;
    • Observe all published traffic and right of way flight guidelines, including yielding right of way to all aircraft;
    • Wear protective clothing, headgear, Coast Guard-approved flotation gear, reserve parachute, supplemental oxygen and communication equipment as appropriate for conditions;
    • Fly in a manner that does not create a hazard for other persons or property;
    • Fly only during daylight hours, or hours otherwise specified by posting at the site;
    • Do not fly over congested areas of parks or open air assembly of persons;
    • Fly only in designated areas of parks;
    • Fly with visual reference to the ground surface at all times;
    • Do not tether paragliders or hang gliders to the ground or other stable non-movable object;
    • Do not fly while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. I have read and understand the summary of rules for use of paragliders or hang gliders in state parks.
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