What should I bring?
Expect hot conditions during summer tours. Bring extra water to carry on the hike. If you have health concerns, please consider coming in the fall when it is cooler. Walking sticks and hats are always recommended, as are provisions for windy or wet conditions in the fall. It is important to drink water (pre-hydrate) before participating in the tour. Water you drink during the tour takes 30 to 60 minutes to absorb and is simply replacing water you lose during the walk. Wearing brimmed hats and using plenty of sunscreen are recommended for sun protection as there are no trees nor shade available on the tour. Wear sturdy shoes as the trail surface is rough and uneven. Binoculars can be helpful to some people.

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1. Where are the pictographs and tour located?
2. What does the tour cost?
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4. Are there restrooms at the trailhead?
5. What should I bring?
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