Klickitat State Park Trail Long Term Boundary

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At the April 14, 2022 meeting the Commissioners approved Long Term Boundary.

This planning process is to modify the Klickitat State Park Trail Long Term Boundary (LTB) to include the surrounding slopes adjacent to the trail between the town of Klickitat and Warwick. The goal is to look at options and funding if willing landowners would like to talk more.

A LTB for planning is not a physical ownership boundary but is a vision of how would like to see adjacent properties managed if the opportunity arises. Options include conservation easements, leases, management agreements, property donations or acquisitions. Any actions taken are only when the landowner wants to do so. If a landowner is interested and willing to discuss further then parks will enter into discussions. If a landowner has not interested then parks will not pursue any options. The LTB does not impose any regulatory requirements and is only used for planning purposes.

Slopes adjacent to the Klickitat State Park Trail contain important Douglas fir / Garry oak habitat, containing one of the states three remaining Western gray squirrel regions (threatened species) locations, additionally the slopes provide important protection for water quality in Swale Creek and contribute to fisheries habitat. The goal of this project is to work with willing landowners to protect slopes if a mutually agreed opportunity arises.

You can provide comments at the link below. Please put Klickitat State Park Trail Long Term Boundary Modification in the subject line.

Long Term Boundary Maps

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