Willapa Hills Trail proposed trailhead at Menlo in Pacific County

Menlo trailhead near Raymond

Washington State Parks and Recreation is planning for the development of a small parking lot in Menlo to accommodate visitors coming to access the Willapa Hills Trail. The development will be located within the right-of-way of trail in the area adjacent to Bullard Road.

Thank you to all who participated in the planning of this trailhead. After two public meetings held at Willapa Valley High School and written feedback from the public, State Parks proposes to locate the trailhead about one half mile northwest of Menlo between Maple Leaf Street and South Fork Road. Strategically located away from residences, the trailhead is still located in close proximity to Menlo giving trail visitors opportunity to support businesses in the future.

The project includes: 1 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) car parking; 1 ADA truck and trailer; 10 car stalls; 3 truck and trailer stalls. The surface material is compacted gravel except for the entrance and exit aprons and ADA parking stalls. Evergreen trees will be established to create screening around the parking lot.

Willapa Hills Menlo Trailhead

01 zooming out location near Menlo
02 zooming out showing parking area
03 B2 Location map new parking lot near Menlo
04 Zoom in New Location map new parking lot near Menlo