Kopachuck State Park Right of Way Transfer to Pierce County

Map showing Right of Way Transfer to Pierce County

State Parks is currently working on a capital project that will renovate and expand both the upland and beachfront day use areas of the park.

As a requirement to receive a building permit for this project, Pierce County is requiring additional right-of-way widths along certain portions of exiting roadway abutting the park.

The County has determined that the project would generate additional traffic and when completed, will generate new vehicle trips which will have an impact on the existing county roadway system, and these impacts must be addressed. The right-of-way dedication required by the County will help to offset the impacts of this development on the adjacent roadway. 

A Virtual Public Meeting was held on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

The request for the additional right-of-way is expected to go to the Commission at the April 14th meeting.