State Parks staff make parks "clean and green!"

Park staff all over the state pulled together in 2016 to focus on an effort called, “Clean, green and be seen.” The initiative included some dollars to help staff give their parks a “mini-makeover” and customer service boost. And the results have been great. Most parks by summer’s end were sporting fresh paint on buildings, signs or parking lots, new picnic tables, freshly trimmed campsites, refreshed landscaping—and more staffed hours park offices for better service.

The improvements are small but meaningful. Several years of Recession-related budget cuts left staffing and resources thin, and it was beginning to show in the parks. The 2015-17 budget provided by the Governor and Legislature started State Parks moving in the right direction, toward a healthy park system. State Parks’ “Clean, green and be seen” provided focus to invest resources in things visitors want: cleaner restrooms and facilities; greener and better maintained grounds; and more staff available to welcome and help visitors.

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