Reid Harbor

Located on Puget Sound in Reid Harbor adjacent to Stuart Island State Marine Park, the facility is in San Juan County.

Latitude: 48° 40' 28.90"
Longitude: 123° 11' 55.87"

Pumpout Facility Information
Reid Harbor is a State Park marina with a hand operated boat pumpout mounted on a barge. This facility is open year-round, Access to this pumpout is limited to vessels with a length of no more than 60 feet. 

Marine Services
  • Overnight moorage is available for a fee at the nearby Stuart Island State Marine Park dock. 
  • The guest dock is 500 feet in length. The total estimated guest boat capacity is 50.The estimated minimum depth at mean low tide at the dock is approximately 4 feet
  • There are 12 moorage buoys in Reid Harbor

Day-Use & Campground Accommodations
  • There are campsites available for overnight stays for a fee. Campfires are allowed.
  • There are 18 campsites shore based with extensive network of trails.
  • picnic tables
  • BBQ pits