Goal 10 - Interpretation

Tell the Ice Age floods story, so that our state's dramatic geologic history is available to citizens.

  • Ice Age Floods Plan developed, 2005.
  • Ice Age Floods Plan completed, adopted by Commission
  • Phase 1 development completed on interpretive exhibit display for visitors at several parks: Sun Lakes-Dry Falls, Palouse Falls, Ginkgo Petrified Forest, Beacon Rock, Steamboat Rock, and Yakima Sportsman. Developing a conceptual site, building, and interpretive plan for Dry Falls Visitor Center and Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park.
  • 2009 progress: Designed and sited three interpretive panels for Columbia Hills State Park; completed design work for Dry Falls Interpretive Center; working with advocates of federal legislation and affected agencies to pursue.
  • 2010 progress: No additional progress made in 2010.
  • 2011 progress: Interpretive panels created and awaiting funds to install for Lake Lenore and Columbia Hills.
A Landscape Defined
This view of the Columbia Gorge from Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park near Coulee City captures the drama of the epic Ice Age floods that swept through much of the state 13,000 to 15,000 years ago.

Washington State Parks staff is working with geologists and other agencies and states to capture the excitement of the story for citizens and out-of-state visitors.
Columbia Gorge overlook building above the rocky gorge with a lake visible down below