Woman sitting on a rock, three children playing on shoreline of Lake Wenatchee, trees and mountains
Thank you! Your donation keeps state parks open.

House Bill 2339
House Bill 2339, passed by the 2009 Legislature, established a new donation program to keep state parks open in the face of budget reductions that might have resulted in the closure of about 40 state parks.

When you receive your vehicle license tab renewal notice from the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL), you'll notice a $5 donation for state parks included in your bill. The 2009-2011 budget passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor says state parks will remain open if adequate funds are collected through the program. If you don't wish to donate, simply subtract the $5.

Your donation goes directly to Washington State Parks to operate more than 100 beautiful parks all over the state - special places where you can enjoy camping, picnicking, hiking, bicycling, boating, and more.

More Support
If you want to support your state parks even more and make a larger donation, send a check to:
Washington State Parks
Attn: Park Donation
P.O. Box 42650
1111 Israel Road SW
Olympia, WA 98504

Your Washington state parks are there for you and because of you. Thank you, and enjoy!