Centennial GeoTour

100 Caches in 100 Parks to Celebrate 100 years!
Explore your Washington state parks and earn a geocoin by joining our Centennial GeoTour. Your adventure awaits! Check out the list of Centennial GeoTour finishers.

Passport & Rules
The Washington State Parks Centennial GeoTour features 103 geocaches hidden in state parks across Washington. To record your progress, download and print the Centennial GeoTour Passport. The passport has a box for each of the 103 caches. Each cache contains a unique ink stamp for you to stamp the appropriate box on your passport to verify your visit. While the passport contains more than 100 boxes, the maximum number of caches you must find is 100. Please follow the rules listed below, and enjoy your Washington state parks!
  • Once you have 50 unique stamps, mail your passport to collect a silver geocoin.
  • Continue with the GeoTour, and when you collect another set of 50 unique stamps, mail the second passport to receive a gold geocoin.
  • You may also choose to keep your passport until you have collected all 100 stamps and then send in your completed passport for both gold and silver coins.
  • Send completed passports to:
    Cama Beach State Park
    1880 SW Camano Drive
    Camano Island, WA 98282
  • Multiple passports are only accepted when qualifying for a silver coin (first passport) and then continuing the GeoTour to qualify for a gold coin (second passport).
  • Geocache stamps will not be accepted on separate paper or other material.
  • The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and Washington State Geocaching Association are not responsible for lost passports and will not credit geocachers for parks claimed as found before losing a passport, so hang onto your passport!
  • If you placed cache(s) for the GeoTour, you may claim one hide for the 50 cache coin by stamping the appropriate box on your passport. For the 100 cache coin, you may claim up to three GeoTour hides, but the additional caches must be claimed after you pass the 50 cache mark.
  • For more information on GeoTours, visit the GeoTour webpage. Joining is free.
To get started on your GeoTour, download and print the first three documents. If you are interested in placing a geocache, download and print the placement permit and directive.
GeoTour Duration
The Centennial GeoTour is expected to continue through 2015 or until all coins are distributed, whichever comes first (there are 180 silver coins and 30 gold coins). Individual caches may remain in place much longer to guide people to places of natural beauty and history in Washington state parks.

GeoTour Coin showing State Parks logo
The State Parks GeoTour coins feature the Washington State Parks Centennial logo on one side and the Washington State Geocaching Association logo on the other side.

There are two versions, silver for those who complete half the GeoTour (50 caches) and gold for those who complete the entire GeoTour (100 caches). There are 180 antique silver coins and 30 satin gold coins available for the GeoTour.

Bonus Challenge Caches
There are two bonus challenge caches which went live in early June with the Centennial GeoTour launch.

50 Cache Challenge
There is an official challenge cache for completing 50 of the GeoTour caches (found on the Geocaching website at WaState Pks100:50, Cache Challenge GC47F89). This challenge cache is not part of the GeoTour passport series and doesn't count toward the geocoin. This is a bonus cache so geocachers can publicly log that they have completed the 50 cache GeoTour and other cachers can watch the page to see who has finished. The cache page will also have a list of gold coin finishers (100 caches) along with the silver coin finishers.

100 Cache Challenge
There is also a challenge cache for finding any 100 caches in Washington state parks (not limited to GeoTour caches). For more information, visit the Geocaching website.